Another one down...

While everybody continues to either turn up their toes or simply bleat on about other people doing so, it's well worth looking back at 2016 for some of the ups amongst the widely reported downs, even if that might mean searching for some slightly tenuous silver linings...

Rather than a full chronological list of exploits and derring-do serving only to inflate my already well charged ego, here are a few highlights:

My dear friends Dave and Nicole got married at the end of August. In addition to playing a rambling set of the oldies with the gang, I did the honours as Dave's Best Man, (now demoted to Worst Man after some of my less cool, calm and collected moments).

In a similar vein, my brother Bert somehow managed to convince Clio to marry him and that's going ahead in Spring next year. Bert has however been wise enough to leave the Worst Man liable for the hoedown and not much else.

While the pressure is always on at these sorts of things, what with the somewhat increased numbers in line for egg on face, being able to get up and play for your friends and family on a special occasion is a thrill like nothing else, so here's to more of 'em!

This year I've also been able to play with lots of people I've been looking forward to working with for ages, a few I've not seen in a while and a couple of absolute crackers out of the blue as well as enjoying the company of the countless people who've turned out to make sure that we have someone to play to.

I've always said that wouldn't know half the people I do know if it weren't for my involvement in music and I'll bet my bottom dollar that 2017 will yield just as good a bunch as the last year has.

So, thats it for gushing tributes to my mates and you can all get back to the spread index on who's going to snuff it next as long as we all agree we're going to make 2017 even better than the year we've just had.

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